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Electro Shack Inc., is one of Liberia's leading communications company since 1984 which is a leading provider of Wireless High Speed Internet, VSAT, VoIP services to consumer businesses in Liberia.

The business unit operates integrated wireless communications in many african countries offering broadband, domestic and international fixed line services to residential and business customers.

Electro Shack Inc. is a leading provider of Wireless High Speed Internet, VSAT, VoIP services to consumer residences and businesses in Liberia.

Anytime, anywhere, Internet service provider connects people to the power and possibilities of the Internet. Connect to the Internet with High Speed, Satellite by Internet Provider and wireless Internet provider. If you're looking for best Internet service in Liberia.

Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) is our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective and efficient communication services to enable governments, enterprises and consumers in remote locations to enjoy the advantages of the information age. Our services transcend the barriers to communication irrespective of infrastructure - on land, sea or in the air. Whether you are looking for connectivity and VoIP routing for a national telco, bandwidth and IP telephony for a cyber café, or a phone link in a jet flying over the Atlantic - We are here to deliver.



We specialize in delivering advanced fixed and mobile communication solution for the customers operating beyond the reach of traditional to make it traditional mobile and telecommunication. We are an international service provider of broadband Internet, data and voice services in Liberia and West African countries.




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