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Electro Shack Inc. is only authorized dealer of Motorola in Liberia. We sell the complete range of Motorola business two way radio systems, handsets, and accessories. Unrivalled experience, a rare level of technical expertise and a passion for quality of service combine to ensure our customers achieve their communications goals.

Combining twenty four years of experience in the industry, a successful history in telecommunications equipment sales and an extensive blue chip customer base, the company has firmly established itself as one of Motorola's premier two way radio sales and service distributers. Providing anything from simple, basic radios, to complex multi-channel Systems, the company offers a rare level of competence and commitment that sets it apart from competitors. Individual needs can be accommodated and all round back up provided to ensure the best technical solutions to your communication requirements.

Providing the very best equipment for delivery nationally, the company offers its full range of services for one-off events, long-term projects or regular short-term use. We are also able to supply equipment compatible with existing users systems to help cope with busy periods when extra equipment is required

We provide specially designed to meet the requirements of professional organizations that need a customizable business critical communication solution using licensed spectrum.







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