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Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Since 2003 Electro Shack Inc. has been delivering world class networking and Internet technologies with industry leading customer service.

We are a uniquely positioned Internet service provider (ISP) in being able to provide wireless broadband Internet through latest technology as well as VAST and other VoIP solutions. Being able to deliver the mobility benefits of truly unwired/wireless Internet means that whether inside or outside the home or office Electro Shack Inc., Internet can keep you secure, online and connected.

We work with an extensive range of individuals and organizations.

Electro Shack Inc., is committed to the vision of keeping everyone connected. It is this commitment, driven by a passion for innovation that ensures all our customers are given the most robust solutions to their needs. Given the dynamic nature of requirements we closely work with our clients to develop unique solutions.

In line with this consulting model Electro Shack Inc., Internet Solutions develops its own technology solutions that extend beyond just wireless Internet and wireless broadband.


Wireless Broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP) Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective and efficient communication services to enable governments, enterprises and consumers in remote locations to enjoy the advantages of the information age. Our services transcend the barriers to communication irrespective of infrastructure - on land, sea or in the air. Whether you are looking for connectivity and VoIP routing for a national compaies, bandwidth and IP telephony for a cyber café, or a phone link in a jet flying over the Atlantic - We are here to deliver.







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